Engadiner Sommerlauf, 25.5 km

Fresher than the Malojawind
Main image Engadiner Sommerlauf, 25.5 km


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Detailed information Engadiner Sommerlauf

DateSunday, 15th  August 2021
Start10:15 a.m
School Sils
DestinationFestivalg site Ludains
02:00 p.m.

Last passing times
Hallenbad St. Moritz                      12.00 p.m.
Reitstall Riedberger Pontresina    1.00 p.m.
25.5 km
Height profile
Sils - Silvaplana - Surlej Brücke - Silvaplana - Champfèr - entlang dem Inn- St. Moritz Bad - Franz. Kirche - Stazerwald - Stazersee - Pontresina - Punt Muragl Staz - Stazersee - Meierei - rechtes Seeufer - Ludains St. Moritz Bad
Entry Fee
until 30.06.21 CHF 60  € 55
until 31.07.21 CHF 70  € 64
from 01.08.21  CHF 80  € 73
Bib distributionthe day before
03:00 p.m. until 07:00 p.m. festival site Ludains

at the race day
from 08:00 a.m until 10:00 a.m. schoolhouse Sils

Juniors                         2002 - 2005

Ladies/Men 1             1992 - 2001

Ladies/Men 2             1982 - 1991

Ladies/Men 3             1972 - 1981

Ladies/Men 4             1962 - 1971

Ladies/Men 5             1952 - 1961

Ladies/Men 6             1951 and older

Award ceremony3.00 p.m. festival site Ludains

Route map

Engadiner Sommerlauf

High profile

Engadiner Sommerlauf


By registering for the St. Moritz Running Festival, you automatically agree to the competition regulations. Unless specifically stated, the provisions apply to the Engadiner Sommerlauf, Muragl-Lauf, Kids Race, Vertical Sommerlauf and the Crossing Engiadina Races.

The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the regulations at any time.

Eligibility to participate

Engadiner Sommerlauf

Ladies and gentlemen born in 2005 and older


Ladies and gentlemen born in 2007 and older

Free Fall Vertical

Ladies and gentlemen born in 2007 and older


Girls and boys born in 2007 and younger

Crossing Engiadina

Ladies and gentlemen born in 2003 and older

Scoring and categories

Juniors  Born 2002 - 2005
Women /Men 1
Born 1992 - 2001
Women /Men 2 Born 1982 - 1991
Women /Men 3 Born 1972 - 1981
Women /Men 4 Born 1962 - 1971
Women /Men 5 Born 1952 - 1961
Women /Men 6 Born 1951 und älter

Juniors Born 2002 - 2007
Women/Men  1Born 1982 - 2001
Women/Men  2Born 1962 - 1981
Women/Men  3Born 1952 - 1961
Women/Men  4Born 1951 und ältere

EichhörnliBorn 2017 und younger
250 m (Fun-Parcours 1 child + 1 adult)
MunggaBorn 2015 - 2016
500 m (Fun course)
BambiBorn 2012 - 2014
1 km
GemsliBorn  2009 - 2011
2 km
SteinböckBorn  2007 - 2008
4.3 km (Lake lap)

JuniorsBorn 2002 - 2007
Women/Men 1Born  1982 - 2001
Women/Men 2Born  1981 and older

Women/Men 1
Born 1981 - 2003
Women/Men 2Born  1971 - 1980
Women/Men 3Born  1970 and older


Registration takes place exclusively online at stmoritzrunningfestival.ch

The number of starting places at the Free Fall Vertical and the Crossing Engiadina are limited. The registrations are considered in the order in which they are received and are only valid after receipt of the required entry fee.

If the St. Moritz Running Festival 2021 cannot take place in the event of a federal order or due to Covid-19, registrations that have already been made will be postponed to the following year. We recommend taking out cancellation insurance. Refunds will not be made.

As a participant, you confirm that you will only take part in the event if you are healthy, have no symptoms of COVID-19 and have not had any direct contact with sick people in the days before the race.

Start number

The start number is personal and must be worn on your chest, visible and unfolded at all times. Changes to the start number can lead to disqualification.

With the start number you get access to the runner areas.

The starting number at the Crossing Engiadina is valid for all stages. If it is damaged in such a way that it is illegible, the organizer must be contacted for a replacement.

Deregistration / non-participation

When registering online via Datasport, you have the option of taking out cancellation insurance.

In the event of illness or accident, you can apply for reimbursement by submitting a doctor's certificate to Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG. If the application is accepted, you will automatically receive a Datasport voucher for the amount insured.

Contact cancellation insurance

Europäische Reiseversicherungs AG

Steinengraben 28, Postfach, 4003 Basel

Tel: 061 275 27 27, schaden@erv.ch

If you have not taken out cancellation insurance and you are unable to start due to an accident or illness, you can request a credit for the entry fee for the following year from the organizer by submitting a doctor's certificate (no refund).

The application, together with the doctor's certificate, must be submitted to the office of the St. Moritz Running Festival by the end of September of the same year. If participation in the following year is not possible, this free start does not apply. Refunds are generally not possible.


If you are unable to participate, you can have your starting place transferred to a replacement person named by you free of charge. However, only if the change of registration takes place before August 6th, 2021. After this date, re-registrations are only possible when the start number is issued and a fee of CHF 25.- / € 22.- will be charged.


Free Fall Vertical

The finish of the Vertical Sommerlauf is in high alpine terrain at about 2700 meters above sea level. You should choose your racing clothing accordingly and adapt it to the local weather conditions. It can get very windy and chilly on the free fall finish platform. Warm clothes can be handed over with the transport to the destination platform. Carrying a light rain jacket may be compulsory depending on the weather. Walking sticks are allowed.

Crossing Engiadina

Every runner is obliged to carry the following items of equipment in a running backpack for the entire run:

●        At least 1 liter of fluids

●        Energy bar or gel or similar with at least 400kcal

●        Hat

●        Long-sleeved shirt

●        Rain jacket

●        Emergency blanket

●        Notfallset (Elastische Binde, Rettungsdecke mind. 140  cm x 200 cm, Notrufpfeife)

●        Activated mobile phone; we recommend downloading the REGA app

●        Optional: sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, sticks

Checks are carried out at the start and on the course. Missing equipment or parts thereof will result in time penalties.

Lead times and control deadlines

The broom wagon (bike at the Engadiner Sommerlauf / Muragl-Lauf / Crossing Engiadina and final runner at the Vertical Sommerlauf) marks the time limit and the official end of the race. If you run behind the broom wagon, you will no longer be ranked.

The last passing times can be found in the announcement.

The organizer reserves the right to adjust these due to weather-related route changes and to bring the time limit forward. There is no entitlement to a refund of the entry fee in the event of changes to the route or the termination of the race.

Participants who do not adhere to the time limit on a stage and are taken out of the race can start the next stage again the next day. However, they run out of the competition and are not ranked.

The finish deadline is as follows:

  • Engadiner Sommerlauf: 2:00 p.m.

  • Muragl-Lauf: 2:00 p.m.
  • Free Fall Vertical: 2:00 p.m.
  • Crossing Engiadina

-          Day 1: 7:00 p.m.

-          Day 2: 7:00 p.m.

-          Day 3: 4:00 p.m.

Personal responsibility / health

Participation is at your own risk and responsibility. You are responsible for your health, your fitness level, and your equipment. It is required that you:

  • dress appropriately for the weather conditions and protect yourself from rain, sun, and cold.

  • abandon the race as soon as it threatens to pose a health risk to you..
  • behave in an environmentally friendly manner and do not leave any litter in the great outdoors. Violations can be punished with a fine and with exclusion from the event.

  • Provide first aid to other participants if they have an accident or have health problems.

The altitude of 1,800 m above sea level. makes special demands on your health. If you feel sick and feverish in the days leading up to the run, you do not participate.

It is recommended to drink enough fluids during and after the run. Paramedics can take participants out of the race at any time if they have health problems. .

Medical posts are provided by the Upper Engadine Samaritan Associations and are located at the refreshment posts and at the finish. In the event of accidents, weaknesses or other incidents, please inform the next marshals immediately by radio and request help. Medical emergency number 144.


The organizer offers you and all other participants, depending on the external conditions, the highest possible security through the use of appropriate measures. The organizer is entitled, at short notice and without reimbursement of the entry fee to:

  • make route changes

  • interrupt and restart the race

  • cancel the race or not to start at all

The races include all categories organized by the event organizer.


You are not allowed to leave the officially marked route. Shortcuts are not permitted and will lead to disqualification. The races take place on open routes. The traffic rules are to be observed and the orders of the police and the route staff are to be followed.

Dogs, strollers, baby joggers, etc. as well as accompanying people on foot or by bike are not allowed on the running course during the competition. Carrying unauthorized objects / animals will also lead to disqualification.

Running with headphones or air pods is not allowed..

The routes are marked on all three race days. If markings get lost due to external influences (weather, animals, or strangers), the participants are expected to be able to orientate themselves independently in the area. For this purpose, the organizer provides digital map extracts and GPX data.

Route marking on the courses

All trails are clearly marked.


There are refreshment posts available to the participants on route, according to the course map.

The following rules also apply to the Crossing Engiadina Event: Each runner must bring enough food with them:

  • Min. 1 Liter of fluids

  • Energy bar, gel or similar with at least 400 kcal

On the course there are only a few items refreshments posts. The location and items on offer can be found in the course maps approximately two months before the event date. Additional items may be added at any time.

Medical and control posts at the Crossing Engiadina

The checkpoints must be passed and, where required, the participants must register. Participants who take shortcuts and / or do not pass control posts will be disqualified. The medical service and the station chiefs may temporarily or completely take participants with insufficient equipment and / or who are at risk of damaging their health out of the race. Evacuations and rescue operations ordered by the organizer must be followed and are at the expense of the participant.


There is an opportunity for the deposit for personal effects in the start / finish area. The handover and surrender of valuables is only possible upon presentation of the start number.

The organizer offers a transport of personal belongings for different start and destination locations. The respective submission times can be found in the announcement.

Muragl-Lauf: Category Nordic Walking/Walking

You are not allowed to run in the Nordic Walking / Walking category (Muragl run). We appeal to all participants to be fair.

Kids-Race: Categody «Eichhörnchen» (Muki/Vaki)

In the Eichhörnchen category (Muki / Vaki), one adult and their child take part in the fun course of approx. 500 m.


Datasport AG is responsible for the official timing and data processing.

Engadiner Sommerlauf/Muragl-Lauf/Free Fall Vertical/Crossing Engiadina: With the timing chip attached to the start number, you trigger the timing when crossing the start line. When crossing the finish line, the time is stopped again (proof of the effective start time).


Engadiner Sommerlauf/Muragl-Lauf: For the first ten runners over both distances, the effective finish for ranking applies.

Free Fall Vertical: For the first three men and women as well as youths, the effective finish for ranking applies.

Crossing Engiadina: There is a daily ranking as well as an overall ranking for all stages. The times of the individual stages are added up for this. The overall leaders are dressed in the leader's jersey every evening. The leader's jersey must be worn during the next stage.

Special evaluation: During a test run of the stages, guide times are measured. The lady and the gentleman who come closest to this guide time receive a special prize.

All finishers receive a finisher prize. The men and women in each category of the Crossing Engiadina event in places 1 to 3 receive material prizes.

Forfeiting the race

If a runner decides to forfeit the race, he / she can only do so at a control post. Exceptions for forfeit due to exhaustion and injury. A helper must be informed accordingly at the control post at which the race is forfeited. The runner has to organize the return to the start / finish area themselves.

The marshals are entitled to take runners out of the race on behalf of the race management.

Start number issue

Starting numbers will be issued according to the times listed in the announcement at the Ludains festival site in St. Moritz. The start numbers must be picked up personally by the participants. Persons must identify themselves accordingly with passport / ID or driver's license. No exceptions will be made. The timing chip is also handed in with the start number.

Attention: Elite athletes with a free start are required to attend the official presentation for athletes on the evening before the respective race.

Briefing for the stages of the Crossing Engiadina

The briefing takes place on the evening before the race in the Ludains festival area. Attending the briefing is compulsory. On Friday, before the first stage, the briefing takes place 30 minutes before the start.

Award ceremony and prize money

All participants who reach the finish within the prescribed time will be ranked. According to the announcement of the competitions, special prizes, prizes in kind and prize money will be presented.

Winning times jackpot

Engadiner Sommerlauf / Muragl-Lauf: You win the jackpot for setting a new course record. Each year in which the jackpot is not hit, CHF 50.- is paid into the jackpot. Since all the routes are new this year, the winner will automatically receive the record bonus of CHF 50.


Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. every participant must have a valid accident insurance. We recommend membership with REGA. Participation is in any case at your own risk.

Each participant confirms on the "Disclaimer" form that he / she,

  • is aware of the challenge.

  • has prepared well for the run.
  • participates at their own risk.
  • is aware that claims for damages against the organizer are not possible.


All participants are encouraged to take care of nature and take their waste with them to the finish. The folding cup delivered with the starting documents must be carried on the Crossing Engiadina trails. Throwing away rubbish will result in disqualification.


We ask for sportsmanlike behavior. Disqualifications will be given in the event of unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g., not going through the control and time recording posts, shortcuts, accompaniment on foot or by bike, use of aids such as sticks (exception: Free Fall Vertical Summer Run and Walking at Muragl Run), disregard of the official instructions, doping, throwing away rubbish outside the permitted zones, missing or not carrying compulsory equipment and giving incorrect personal information (name, year of birth). In addition, it is not allowed to pass on the personal start number to another person without following the official re-registration procedure.

Protests must be submitted to the race director in writing no later than 30 minutes after the personal finish line. A processing fee of CHF 30.00 is charged, which is to be paid immediately and will be reimbursed if the protest is approved.


The current Swiss Olympic doping statute applies. Doping controls can be carried out. By participating, you are subject to the anti-doping rules of Swiss Olympic and acknowledge the exclusive competence of the disciplinary commission for doping cases of Swiss Olympic and the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport in Lausanne, excluding the ordinary courts. See alsowww.antidoping.ch.


Whenever possible, the organizer will inform you of organizational measures before the start of the event. The instructions of the organizer must be followed. In the event of violations, including during the race, which disrupt the orderly course of the event or endanger the safety of their own and the other participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the person concerned from the event and / or disqualify them. Changes that are announced by the organizer on the internet at stmoritzrunningfestival.ch or in writing before the start are part of the contract. This also applies to those announced by the organizer before or during the race.

Data protection

By registering, you agree to Datasport's privacy policy. You have the right to request that Datasport delete and restrict the use of personal data and to object to such processing of personal data in writing. The organizer reserves the right, if there is no written notification, to publish the pictures and videos taken during the run and to pass them on to sponsors upon request.


St. Moritz Running Festival

Verein Engadiner Sommerlauf

Quadratscha 18

Postfach 278

7503 Samedan

Phone (+41) 81 851 60 80



The place of jurisdiction is St. Moritz.