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Not without my buddies!

Not without my buddies!
Not without your best buddies! Run at the Engadiner Sommerlauf or the Muragl-Lauf with two other team mates and experience team spirit and group dynamics. This makes running even more fun and enjoyable!

All three team members run the same route and are scored individually and as a team. The three individual times are added up for the team result. An overall ranking list is kept for the Engadiner Sommerlauf and the Run Pontresina, regardless of whether they are women’s, men’s or mixed teams.


Registrations for the category companies and teams are possible in two ways:


  • Online, in which the team leader carries out a group registration in the online registration and records the three team members. The team head pays the entry fee for the entire team.


  • The three team members register individually. When all three participants appear on the start list, the team boss sends an email to with the names of the three registered team members and the team name.


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