Engadiner Sommerlauf 25 Km

More refreshing than the Maloja wind

Engadiner Sommerlauf
The distance of nearly a half marathon is like getting six correct numbers in the lottery. Fantastic landscapes, 6 lakes and a light that is second to none.. more

Run Pontresina 12,2 Km + 220 Hm

Faster than the Maloja wind


The Run Pontresina is the ideal entry-level run with a wonderful mountain panorama and a unique view. Book quickly to reserve your place. more

Free Fall Vertical 6.6 Km + 1069 Hm

Stronger than the Maloja wind

Vertical Sommerlauf

The start ist the goal, because steeper and higher than the Vertical Sommerlauf is impossible. more

Kids Race Rundkurs

More playful than the Maloja wind

A chance for the new blood to show off. more

Crossing Engiadina 72 km

Bigger than the Malojawind!

Crossing Engiadina
At the Crossing Engiadina you discover the Engadin in three days. What more could a runner's heart desire!

5 for 4 Five are running, four are paying

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Register now as a group of five and we'll give you the cheapest starting place at the St. Moritz Running Festival for free!

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Race for the cure© Suisse edizione estate

19 agosto 2022

Race for the cure. Individualmente o in gruppo, un‘esperienza condivisa a favore dell‘istituzione di un fondo di borse di studio per giovani medici e scienziati per la lotta contro il cancro al seno.


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